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The population density of Myanmar in March 2014 is 76 persons per square kilometer (km2). The population density has increased considerably, by 81 percent from 43 persons per km2 in 1973 and 96 percent from 52 persons per km2 in 1983. Comparing the population density by State and Region. Yangon has the highest density (716 per km2), followed by Mandalay (200 per km2), Ayeyawady (177 per km2), Mon (167 per km2), Nay Pyi Taw (164 per km2) and Bago (124 per km2). The least density populated States and Regions are Kayah (24 per km2), Kachin (19 per km2) and Chin (13 per km2). A comparison of the density of the population from 1973 to 2014 is present.
Indicators 1973 1983 2014 2019
Area and population density by State/ Region (In Thousands) 43 260 76 76